One of the pleasures of writing is a book launch

My wife and I went to a book launch the other day. The author, S.C. Karakaltsas is a member of the Phoenix House Writers Group, as am I. Sylvia’s book, Out of Nowhere, is her second published effort and I know she’s working on her third.

Most people at the launch were family and friends, plus a few fellow wordsmiths. One notable absentee was Davy Blue; notable because our writing group is largely populated by women. Why was he missing? Was he out of town, or were St Kilda playing at home? Was he sick, or had he learned his favourite tipple, ‘Captain Merlot’ was not to be in attendance? Perhaps he’d said ‘stuff it’ and went for one of his long walks in the warmish afternoon sunshine, as is his want. His book is about the very long walk he and his wife took along Spain’s Camino de Santiago.

Sylvia’s collection of short stories, plus her first book, Climbing the Coconut Tree (an historical novel), can be purchased from her at or at Amazon, Apple, Kobo in print or ebook versions.

My book, Boswell’s Fairies, will soon be available at this site (and elsewhere).

Hungry for Love

Indians believe
the blue topaz
which they call tapas
is a symbol
of eternal love.
Spaniards love dishes
known as tapas.
Can one therefore deduce
tapas are the food of love?
May I kiss el cocinero?


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