Catch 22

Foxes range neighbourhood. They’ve dug holes in our garden and left carcasses and droppings for us to pick up. We have filled the holes and spread some foul-smelling stuff to deter them. And it worked … for a while. Now at least one of them is back and has dug a hole on the nature strip. We called the council and they said they don’t deal with vermin. We called a vermin controller whose spokesperson said they can’t help as the nature strip is council property. Catch 22? Which leads me to my novel, Boswell’s Fairies. Anyone who enjoyed the novel Catch 22, or delighted in the movie, will relish my coming tome. Keep checking this site and I’ll tell you when Boswell’s Fairies is launched.

More doggerel:

Down Below

When the sun shines in Australia
some say it’s, ‘hot as hell’.
Does that mean said Australians
are well prepared for the here-after,
or are they merely comparatists,
assumed descendants of convicts,
who have been to hell before?
Is the saying, ‘hot as hell’
proof positive that reincarnation
is the natural order of things?


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